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Truly. If there's something you're on the fence about. If you need assistance clarifying anything. If you want to just say hello and tell me your current go to self care ritual, I'm all for it (and probably need it too!) Let's get together over a cup of coffee and chat

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I will reach out within 24-48 hours, until then- I'll be reviewing with a drip brewed black coffee and a splash of a little bit of a sweet creamer that was maybe microwaved one too many times... what's your beverage of choice? 

Abso-freakin'-lutely! I know how daunting investing in your business can be. I operate on full transparency, 100% communication and an easy & seamless process. I'm not here to stress you out more, promise!  Besides, price accessibility is of the utmost importance to me- getting you SEEN is my highest priority, so payment plans are a small part of the bigger picture.

Heads up though, payment plans are dependent on the service. Please check out this page for all the details on pricing and more.

I'm so excited! But, we've got to make sure we're a good fit for each other before we dive into it all. Give me up to 48 hours to review your contact form, if things look like they'll jive- I'll reach out to schedule a complimentary 20-minute consult.

Website design with me is an extremely collaborative process. So, I love to meet with everyone beforehand so we're all on the same page and it's confirmed we're vibing. You ready?

*SQUEEL* Need I say more?! 

I would be holy-hecking excited to help design social graphics, your burlesque side-gig media kits, business proposals, workbooks, online courses, PTO banners, bake sale flyers, you name it!

My heart jumps with joy at the varied opportunities there are!  

My mission is to CREATE & ELEVATE. I am a firm believer in community over competition, and women empowering each other.

By working with Coulter Creative Co, you are not only working with Jennie, but you are also empowering women all over the globe to learn new skills, work on their own time, make their own rules, and live a lifestyle that is of their choosing. No traditional 9-5's here

Also, we donate 5% of our profits to the following charities annually: 
Keep Austin Fed, Austin Permaculture Guild, Girl Up, Austin Zoo